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Top Ten Lists
of comments about the SoccerHead style
(last update: 15.Aug.2002)

There's been quite a few great comments over the years, some that we forgot, some that aren't good enough to be listed anymore. Now we're presenting you the best ten in four different categories. Enjoy.

Top 10 Confused:
10.  Did you know you have a soccerball on your head?
9.  Wo-oowww, it's a molecule!
8.  Halloween is over, dude.
7.  Do you play soccer?
6.  Your head looks like a soccer ball, or is it a nuclear bomb?
5.  His hair's like a tennis ball.
4.  It's a bucky ball, that's awesome.
3.  Wow, that is hair, I thought it was velcro.
2.  Is that a soccer ball or a basketball?
 Now I get it, it's like a soccer ball.

Top 10 Slang:
10.  That fu__in' rocks!
9.  Rodman ain't got nothin' on dat
It's on, I like dat.
7.  Look at that nigga's hair.
6.  Now that's what I call big pimpin'.
5.  I like dat dread, you're freaky man.
4.  Dat's gansta, yo.
3.  Class.
2.  Dat's dope, matta a fak dat's butter dope.
1.  Dat shit is real, dat's da realist shit I've ever seen.

Top 10 with Feeling:
10.  Can I touch it?
9.  How did you do that, how did you do that?
8.  Those green eyebrows are really a turn-on!
7.  Waaiiieeeaaahh!! (she was quite startled) 
6.  It feels like a stuffed animal.
5.  Uoo, you look beautiful, you just made my day!
4.  That's fabulous, can I take a closer look.
3.  Ooo-ooo-uuhhhh, that feels nice!
2.  You're a marvelous testimony to spring.
1.  It's a soccer ball, I love soccer, God bless you!

Top 10 Other:
10.  Last week I was embarrased about staring, not now…
9.  That's the wildest do I've seen in 23 years as a cop in S.F.
8.   That gives new meaning to bald [balled] head.
7.  You are outstanding, I never even heard of RollerSoccer until now.
6.  You should be in advertising.
5.  Whoa, I like that hairstyle, that's rare, you're the first.
4.  So what's your day job?
3.  Mommy, mommy, look at his head!
2.  I'm from Argentina, can I take a picture with you?
1.  no sound, just jaw dropping silence


What's Next
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