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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
There's just a few here now, but there'll be more soon

Hey SoccerHead...

Q: Is that your real hair or velcro?
A: It's my real hair, but not my real color.

Q: What is your real hair color?
A: I forgot.

Q: Can I touch it?
A: Sure.

Q: Can I kick it?
A: No.

Q: Who does your hair?
A: I do, been doin' this do since 1996.

Q: How much does it cost to get that style?
A: Since I do it myself, I don't have to pay anyone else. Of course, I do have to buy materials (shaver, bleach, dye, miirrors), spend creative energy trying to think of what color theme to do and then spend time making it happen - so it's not free.

Q: How do you do the back?
A: Mirror, mirror on the wall; mirror, mirror in my hand; shaver or brush in my other hand. Actually, the top is tougher than the back because of the viewing angles.

Q: Is that a tattoo?
A: Yep, after doing the do for over a year, keeping narrow strips of hair for the lines and struggling with it shifting like sand dunes, I decided to get the outline tattooed in December 1997. Now I just follow the lines, like a coloring book.

Q: Can you do my hair like that?
A: Absolutely. I've done it for others, I can do it for you. If your serious about it, contact me.

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